Maintain your curb appeal in every season with our year-round landscaping and grounds maintenance services.

Acer Contracts
provide all-year-round quality grounds maintenance services.

We offer professional landscaping and maintenance services for both commercial and residential properties, including Weeding, Turfing, Hedgerow Planting, Plant Protection, Grounds Planting, Design and Install, Amenity Planting, Woodland Management, Building Screening and Soft Landscaping.
Our services include

• Tree works
• Grounds maintenance
• Building Screening
• Lawn renewal and restoration
• Drainage and irrigation solutions
• Shrub Planting
• Weed control management
• Lawn Treatments
• Forestry Planting
We are a leading provider
of grounds maintenance and landscape services to businesses in the North.

We can also help you budget, plan and prioritise for short and long term projects including tree care, planting, design and build, improvements and enchancements, and all facets of property landscaping and maintenance.

Grounds Maintenance

Forestry Planting

Turf Laying

Residential - Before & After

Shrub Planting

Lawn Restoration